Strawberry Scotland is a property developer with a difference..

Set up and run by a team of experienced architects, we have the expertise and vision to develop properties that are an inspiring alternative to the run-of-the-mill.

Our team has over 40-years of combined experience in architecture and project management. Because of this we know about every aspect of the development process – from site procurement to the specification of final finishes.

This allows us to recognise and exploit opportunities that other developers would miss. It also allows us to take a ‘joined-up’ approach to project management: one that optimises quality, cost-efficiency and project delivery....

For us ‘architect-designed’ does not mean ‘expensive’ and ‘eccentric’; instead it guarantees that our developments are of exceptional value, eminently saleable and great places to live and work.

Click here to find out about our latest development, woodhall mill brae.

woodhall mill brae
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